Sunday, March 29, 2009

Will there be dancing?!?

Of course, my darlings, there will be dancing!

My friend Josh casually mentioned last night that his girlfriend Dana is concerned that there will be no dancing at the wedding. Dana, you obviously don't know the Gibsons! We have sweet moves and we'll take any opportunity to get down with the get down. Add alcohol to the equation and we just gotta dance!

Case in point, my dear sister here "Gettin' Low"
รก la Flo-Rida in a full length ballgown.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Amsterdam adventure a.k.a. Matt Damon smoked here!

It's been about 10 days since Mark and I returned from our whirlwind trip to Amsterdam. The vacation was my engagement gift to Mark — I got a ring and he got 5 days in the land of legal drugs and prostitution.

As we were packing to leave we realized that this was our first real vacation together, or as Mark put it: our first trip without mommies and daddies. We weren't going to either parents house, or a family wedding, we were just vacationing together.


Just by ourselves.

While that fact didn't bother me one bit, it sure seemed to bother everyone around us. I received a lot of sarcastic wishes of "Good Luck!" before I left town and I got the strange feeling that everyone thought we'd either 1) come back broken up, or 2) we would final "get to know each other" i.e. new, annoying traits would completely ruin our trip. To the contrary, we actually discovered we're rather good traveling companions! And to prove it, I've compiled a short list of "Good" things we discovered about each other while in Europe:

1. We both think french fries and ice cream is an acceptable dinner. And we agree that pancake + pesto = awesome.

2. Mark is rather protective of me. He spent the whole trip with one hand attached to the small of my back so I wouldn't dart into traffic. I felt a little bit like one of those toddlers on a leash but he kept me from being run over by a tram once so maybe I do need a bodyguard.

3. We both find the Dutch version of Ducktales hysterical.

4. Our afternoon napping schedules were in synch the entire vacation. What? Coffee shops can be exhausting!

5. Mark is more afraid of me than of U.S. customs officials. Good to know. This marriage may work out after all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great Scott!

Groom's cake? Hell, yes! From Cake Wrecks, my favorite foodie blog.

Engagement Party!

Mark and I have amazing friends here in Chicago-- every single one of them showed up for our engagement party on February 10! We haven't had this great a turn out since our 80's prom party back in 2005 (but, really, who can resist a fridge full of jello shots?)

For more pics of the great engagement party that Zipporah and the folks at Matilda's put together head on over to my facebook page. I promise to post them up there someday. For now this picture of me and my burgeoning Michelle Obama arms will have to suffice.

Tiny, tiny cakes: Part deaux

Ain't they cute? These little snack'ems took an ungodly amount of time to make but all the guests seemed to enjoy them (as well as a certain little pup.) Thanks to Zipporah for letting me use her kitchen as the dipping station.