Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress

I've been neglectful of my poor little blog recently. I have updates to share but have been rather tardy in posting them. So while photos of my petits four success and the engagement party continue to sit on my desktop at home, I will distract you from my laziness with this book by Susan Jane Gilman.

I'm a fan of both memoirs and short stories so Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress was a fun, easy read for me. Her personal essays reminded me a lot of myself in that both Ms. Gilman and I find humor and absurdity in our typically unremarkable lives. And we both struggle with contemporary feminism— thus her tale of being shocked by herself when she falls in love with a big, pouffy white dress at David's Bridal. That's kind of the stage I'm in right now, too; who knew I would love weddings so much? The rest of her essays range from tales of growing up with wacky parents to adjusting to life abroad. Not just about weddings, it's definitely a book worth picking up if you need a giggle or two.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We heart cats

Mark and I saw the best idea for a cake topper yesterday-- Tokidoki's Skeletrino and Skeltrina. For those of you that don't speak dork, I'm talking about the quirky little cat figurines/toys pictured to the left. So much cuter than bride and groom figurines, right?! We'll definitely be shopping at Kidrobot soon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tiny, tiny cakes = tiny, tiny anxiety attacks

For our engagement party next week I've decided that I'm making the guests little packages of petits fours as favors. That's right, I'm making dozens upon dozens of tiny, tiny heart-shaped cakes that all need to be hand-dipped in icing and individually decorated. When I concocted this idea weeks ago it was the greatest idea ever! I love cupcakes and cake decorating so making petits fours is just a natural progression, right? Well since then I've realized that 1) I enjoy eating cupcakes not necessarily making them, and 2) cake decorating was fun when I was little and my mom was on clean-up duty.

So, this weekend may turn into a heart-shaped disaster. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And so it begins...

I had my first wedding related nightmare last night. The nightmare was rather bizarre simply because I'm so early in the process that there's really nothing to stress out about. And yet, I woke up in cold sweats-- over the horrors of having to wear a pink lace mermaid gown.

For those unfamiliar with the mermaid gown, let me explain: it is a look that can only be pulled off by 7 foot tall drag queens performing on stage nightly at the Golden Nugget. The mermaid gown is cut so that it is form fitting through that bust, butt, and thighs and then flares out with a big poof below the knee. So, basically, it's a style of dress that makes you look a foot shorter while enlarging your hips and can only be balanced out by a big bouffant hair-do. It's the fashion industry's big F-U to all normal sized women.

And not only was the dress a mermaid gown, but it was made of sheer, pink lace. So sheer that you could clearly see my black granny panties because, of course, that would be my underwear of choice for my wedding day.

Oh, and bonus, my professionally done make-up ended up more like war paint than a wedding day glow.

As Tim Gunn would say it was a lot of look.