Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding a minister: It's Tricky (tricky, tricky tricky)

We have the location. I have the dress. Now we have to find someone to make this thing legal. Since neither Mark and I are members of a church, or in good standing with the law, a priest or a judge is out of the question. That leaves us with a ship's captain, a justice of the peace, or ... Rev Run.

Yes, that's right, Joseph Simmons a.k.a. Rev Run: Hip hop pioneer, co-founder of Run D.M.C, and most importantly, ordained minister. Just think- I could book the minister and the DJ in one fail swoop. The only problem is his rates start at $50,000 for a personal appearance. Ouch. Time to start re-thinking the budget.


  1. Somebody must carry a boombox down the aisle. Please. And I will record "Single Ladies" onto a cassette tape in my dual tape recorder for us to play for Josh's, Molly's, and my dance.

    Will you be able to show us girls what your dress looks like soon?

  2. Duh, Mark will be holding up the boombox as a declaration of love to me.

    Yeah, I'll send y'all and email so you can see my dress :-)