Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yep, he's Laotian

From a meeting with a potential wedding officiant:

"Do you have any special family traditions? Heritage we need to honor? Mark, um, what are you?"


  1. I can't believe the wedding is off. I was really pulling for you guys to make it, but then a month of blog silence showed me that you have no intention of getting married but are both simply in it for the attention. I bet next week you'll both have attention-grabbing nose piercings.

  2. Not everyone can be Mark, posting bloggity blogs every day about wizards and doe-eyed hipsters.

    I do have tastings next week, so maybe I'll have exciting cupcake updates or something. Stay tuned!

  3. So, now that you two are no longer engaged, I have the perfect people for you to date. Denise, I'm setting you up with this super nice guy from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location near my office. He's really friendly, shorter than you, and a LITTLE frattish, but I'm pretty sure he was in one of the cool frats. Mark, Dana knows this girl at work who can fit three billiard balls in her mouth.

  4. It's going to take, at least, four billard balls to pry me away from Denise.